📈 Maximum Rewards

We stake all of our nodes on dedicated infrastructure in multiple worldwide locations to have full control and optimization over our nodes. We monitor performance constantly and make sure we are agile enough to make any necessary changes to optimize rewards.

💸 Competitive Pricing

With cost effective pooling, a minimum staking of 1000 $POKT, and top nodes performance, SendNodes has competitive prices amongst other providers.

🤗 Easy to Use

Stake your $POKT easily using the POKT Wallet. No need to fill out a form or message someone. You can choose to compound your rewards or sweep weekly.

🤯 Fast

Staking happens immediately within the wallet -- any time day or night. You start earning rewards within 24 hours.

​👀 Transparent

Your staked amount, rewards, and transactions are always visible on the SendWallet dashboard. With a dedicated analytics page, maximize your rewards through data driven decisions.

🔒 Secure

Staking requests and rewards are published on-chain, guaranteeing full security and trust.
We are also protected by Coincover, so you can stake with SendNodes with peace of mind.

⏩ Quick Unstake

With Quick Unstake, there is a chance that you may get your unstake request fulfilled within three days, instead of the usual 21-24.

🤓 Dedicated

All questions or concerns can be addressed to a live person on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter. We monitor all channels and are obsessed with providing the best customer service.