Frequently Asked Questions

We're constantly updating our product based on customer feedback, which means our docs are always being updated as well. For additional questions, please reach out to customer support on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter.

Who is SendNodes?

SendNodes is the same team that built POKT Wallet that is now SendWallet. From experienced developers to customer service specialists, we are a small team of people from all around the world who came together for one reason -- to build a better product. Every team member is active in the Pocket Network community to support the success and utility of $POKT for the long-term. It is important to note that all of our team members have our own personal $POKT staked with SendNodes as well. This means we have an additional incentive to provide the best returns for our customers in our staking service.

How are fees calculated?

We have ZERO out of pocket costs to our stakers. Our pricing is dynamic as we adapt to current marking conditions. This allows us to provide our customers with the best net rewards and APY of all staking providers.
Our current fees are posted here:
Stay up to date with price changes by following our Telegram, Discord, and Twitter channels.

How long does it take to stake?

Staking is immediate through our wallet! You can stake at any time, and you will start to earn rewards within 24 hours. Learn more about rewards here.

What node service providers does SendNodes use?

SendNodes stakes all of its nodes directly and does not use any other service providers. We do this to have full control and optimization over our nodes. We monitor performance constantly and make sure we are agile enough to make any necessary changes to optimize rewards.
This allows us to be one of the best✨ performers on the market.
If you're interested in comparing different features of providers, check out While it's run by SendNodes, we offer regular updates to be as accurate as possible and showcase valuable features, including rewards, minimum staking amount, monthly fees, insurance coverage, and more.

Is it safe to use SendNodes?

Absolutely! We are one of the few node service providers that offers an insurance backed guarantee through Coincover, a well respected coverage provider for staking solutions.
We also have added theft cover and theft protection, which covers hacking attacks (which are always a threat with cryptocurrency), and even if something tragic happens to SendNodes, you’ll still have access to your funds.

Where can I find more information about Pocket?

Where can I buy $POKT?

CoinGecko shows the exchanges where it is currently available.