All About Rewards

Stakers start earning rewards in 24 hours 🤩

What does it mean to compound my rewards?

When staking, you have the option to choose to compound your rewards. This means that any reward you get will be added to your staked amount on a daily basis. This amount will grow everyday, so you can check it and forget about it. More staked = more rewards.

I chose not to compound. How will I get my rewards?

Rewards will be sent back directly to the wallet address that was used to stake.
Your wallet address is your unique identifier. For your security, we will ONLY send rewards and unstaked $POKT back to the original wallet it was staked from. It is each customer’s responsibility to maintain access to their own wallet. To avoid potential scams, we will not accept requests to send $POKT to any other wallet than the one that was used to stake from.

How often do I get rewards?

Rewards are compounded or swept daily. You should also see pending estimated rewards, which depend on node performance, average $POKT price, and time staked.

What is APY and how is it calculated?

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) measures the rate of return earned on your staked amount, taking into account your compounding rewards over a year. It's an easy and accurate way of understanding your staked amount's earning potential.
APY is calculated as (1 + APR / compounding periods) ** compounding periods - 1 where compounding periods is either, 365, due to daily reward distributions, or 1, if not compounding rewards.
APR is measured as the annual average rewards earned for node divided by the staked amount. For example, a single node that earns 10,000 POKT a year and had 15,100 POKT staked, the APR for that node would be 10,000 / 15,100 = 66%. The daily compounding APY for that node would be (1 + 0.66 / 365) ** 365 - 1 = ~93.3%.