How to Unstake

Step 1: Open SendWallet and click on the
button. This will take you to full screen mode.

Step 2: Click on the Unstake button

Step 3: Enter the amount you would like to unstake and click on the

FEATURE: Quick Unstaking

We have implemented Quick Unstaking where if you choose to unstake, SendNodes will spend THREE days to fulfill your order through current stakers.
If the order is not filled, then your $POKT will go through the regular queue of unstaking and be unstaked in 21 days.
It's a win-win situation -- you either get your $POKT in 3 days or wait just 24 days (21 standard # of days + 3 for quick unstaking).
Your wallet address is your unique identifier. For your security, we will ONLY send your unstaked $POKT back to the original wallet it was staked from. It is each customer’s responsibility to maintain access to their own wallet. To avoid potential scams, we will not accept requests to send $POKT to any other wallet than the one that was used to stake from.